FAQ - Real Estate Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate Mumbai is a real estate consulting firm, engaged in the business of leasing and selling Residential and Commercial properties in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.
Yes, Real Estate Mumbai represents and takes care of the interest of both the Buyers and Sellers.
We charge 1 months rent and 1% on the Interest Free Refundable Security Deposit plus Service Tax as applicable for renting Residential and Commercial properties for a term of 3 years. On renewal we charge 15 days rent and .5% on the Interest Free Refundable Security Deposit.
For outright properties both commercial and residential we charge 1% on any transaction above 1 Cr from the Seller.
For Property Developers and Builders, we charge 2% for finding an investor or a home buyer.
For Home Buyers, looking at under construction properties (Primary Market) where the property is offered by the Developer, we don't charge any service fees.
We provide buying, selling and leasing services to clients both owners, tenants/lessors in commercial and residential properties.
The legal process of buying a home is pretty simple, if you would like to know more, please connect with us in the office by clicking here.
Yes, we can undertake documents as Real Estate Professionals, Please note that we are not Lawyers. We can put you on to one if you need one.
The incidental charges for buying a home are divided into 2 parts, one being the Government levies and taxes and other one being the Transfer Fees if applicable, Lawyer Fees, Realtor Fees basically.
The list of documents for Home Loans depends on where the property is and of course your pre-approval and your status being of a Resident Indian or a Non Resident Indian.
For leave and license agreements, one just needs your Profile, Pan card, Address Proof, Bank Account Details and a Comfort letter from the Company or the Employee Card if required by the owners. In case of individual lease documents are just pan cards and old residence proof and passport or driving license copy.
Yes, its pretty safe to give a flat on leave and license basis to an individual. The Section 24 of the Maharashtra Rent Act protects the home owners.
You can safely consider escalation of 5, 7 and 10% each year in the Leave and License agreement.
The owner pays the property taxes, maintenance if you are renting a property, unless agreed otherwise.
You can sign a Leave and License agreement from 12 months to 60 months.
To calculate the stamp duty, please call on the office numbers or refer to the blog given here.