Invest in Upcoming Locations or New Projects to maximize capital gains!!


A few days back i read of an article about an Indian NRI Mr. Nereaparambil based in Dubai having 22 apartments in Burj Khalifa, Downtown, Dubai. The report says 5 apartments are leased and he is awaiting the right tenant for the rest 17 apartments.

This is a clear dream story and one should look at it totally as Dream Story and Mr.Nereaparambil has lived his life to make his dream come true.

In real world, if you are looking to invest, then dont be sentimental in Buying Real Estate and confuse yourself with Actual Use or Investment. An investment is a different product and purely driven on Capital Gains or Lease Rent Returns. Actual use is a property where in you reside, have an office and is used by the entire family.

If you are looking to invest, then go to locations which are far off today but have the potential tomorrow to grow. Its a very simple formula:

  1. Choose the best builder in the micro location.
  2. Choose the lowest configuration
  3. Choose a Middle Floor or any floor which gives some view or character to the property.
  4. See and read about Infrastructure, Planned Development, Schools, Hospitals around the property.
  5. Upcoming connectivity.
  6. Current Price and price 2 years back in the same micro market
  7. Possession Time Lines

If you review, these few investment decisions, then you can make a good choice of long term investment.

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