Malls & Cinemas – 24 Hours Open to boost revenues


Mr.Narendra Modi our Prime Minister is looking West and with good reforms coming up in the Indian Sub Continent, we can say that the moves are towards “Acche Din”.In the latest reform, the government has decided to let the Malls, Cinemas etc to be open for 24 hours and 365 days a Year.

In a Metro like Mumbai, where by the time you reach home, where is the time for a little entertainment as till around 11 PM most of the roads are still crowded, the traffic eases out only late night around Mid – Night. For Movie Buffs, Shoppers etc. this is an excellent opportunity to not waste their time on a weekend and adding to the crowded Malls. The crowds will be dispersed once the Malls and Cinemas start remaining open for 24 Hours etc.

The important thing to see will be how this will effect/impact the Day time Mall or Cinema rushes or there will be a different kind of people who choose to come out once all is quiet and will this add to the revenue, reducing or balancing costs or have a balancing out of people opting to come in the day or night. In any case, it be interesting to see the new generation trends, who does not like to sleep till 1 or 2 AM in any case.

To go out in a Day it takes you an Hour to reach a mall, find 10 min for car parking spaces and then stressing to shop and waiting in Q in the trial rooms. A lot will change in the Online space if the trend catches up as people may opt for Buying Apparels late night instead on their PC or Mobile, and hopping across for a Drive and Shopping and come home just tired to hit the bed.

A new concept of part time workers will start evolving with this, as certain people may prefer to work in the night vs day and do an additional job, but in any case its good for most of the stake holders. Even the Government revenues with extra Taxes will continue to grow.

Author – Sandeep Sadh –