Simple Real Estate ideas elevate your lifestyle


As they say an idea can change your life, which is so true.

In the past few months, we have come across a different level of client expectations and too match them we had to come out with recommendations and ideas which we have always pondered on but never practised as they are too simple to be adopted.

A distinctive different case study.

A client wanted to buy 3 bhk larger flat in Andheri West and wanted to sell his existing flat in Andheri itself. We showed them a lot of options and when we saw them not liking any thing we just casually suggested them why they don’t opt for leasing their apartment and in turn pay a difference of Rs.20000 odd and get a 3 bhk on lease.

This worked wonders and within 1 month their life style was changed, instead of stressing with paying EMI of a lac plus, they got a simpler and easier within the location they wanted.

We have also have experiences as to how can Smart Home Lap or Loan against property can help you ease off the liquidity.

If you getting stressed about selling and buying your new house and need some expert advise, please feel free to call me.

Sandeep Sadh