Mandated Properties - Real Estate Mumbai

Mandated Properties - Real Estate Mumbai

In Mumbai, when we speak about Mandated properties, the understanding is that you are the Sole Selling Realtor for either sourcing a property for the buyer or you are mandated to sell or lease a property exclusively.

Under a Mandate, the responsibility to sell, buy, lease or find a property/real estate is on the Company, which undertakes the mandate. The onus then, falls on the Company to do the required formalities with a fixed fee and a time frame attached to it for a fair commitment.

In India, and in Mumbai, the owners are free to list their properties with as many Realtors as they wish to without any obligation to the other and the commission is paid to only the performing Realtor.

At Real Estate Mumbai, we have understood the role of a Mandated Realtor pretty well and what we prefer to do is to take an exclusive mandate for a limited period of time, when the property comes in the market.

This gives our Clients, the property owners, to find the right buyer for them and it saves them the time to deal with multiple real estate agencies, co-ordinations, dealing with confidential and personal matters in a transaction etc.

We undertake Mandates of the following kind of properties in Mumbai.

1. Apartments to be Leased

2. Apartments to be sold

3. Commercial Leasing of the office premises

4. Commercial Selling of the office premises

We undertake a process driven approach in selling you apartment and we have devised a step-by-step marketing plan to ensure that your property is marketed efficiently.

An efficient sale or a lease brings home revenue to you and in turn to us. All our mandates are accepted on best effort basis and with no financial obligation to each parties, save and except with out of pocket expenses, which may be pre-decided.

Our Relationship with our associates in the Real Estate Business is long term and since it’s based on the fee sharing principle there is no joining fee or written contracts or any other commitment. What we are expecting our Realtor friends from different locations across the city to share the finer details of their properties with us regularly so that we can offer the same to our clients and also share their clients with us who may be looking for properties. It’s a 2 way traffic of enhancing business and looking at opportunities which are buyer or seller centric.

If you are interested to connect with us and be our affiliate then please feel free to call or mail us with a little brief about your self.