Buyers and Renters Guide

Buyers and Renters Guide

A lot of us who are currently on a Rent aspire to have an apartment of our own in a city like Mumbai, which gives a sense of security. If the decision to Buy was so negative, then you would have nearly every block in the city empty or only renters would be there.

Primarily, the Buyers perspective to buy a Home or a Property is of Self Use, then Comes long term investment and the traditional investors believe in Buying, Selling which the modern day Investors called Flipping.

The Buying of a Property means:

  • Buying your Asset

  • Make your Home the Way you want, your touch

  • You can take a Home Loan – and get tax benefits

  • You can take a Loan Against Property when you need if not mortgaged already

  • Earn and Save and Pay Module

  • Capital Appreciation and Settling Down in a Location, than be a wanderer every couple of years.

The Renting of Property entrails to:

  • Live in the Location and the Building, which you may not currently be able to afford to purchase

  • Rental Yields are very low to the owners, so in effect you are paying around 4% of the Capital Value per year and still save money

  • You can invest your Capital in other performing or financial assets or perhaps, build up by buying an under construction property in the same location, which is available at nearly 20 to 30% less than the current market value.

At Real Estate Mumbai we help you with both the transactions and after evaluating your current and future needs we recommend the best possible options for you and your family.

Please connect with us if you need any assistance in this regard as we can help you right from Home Loans, Tax Planning, Under Construction Properties etc.