Home Loans

Home Loans

As per current estimates in the Mumbai Property market or even the Indian Property Market the Home Loans take a share of around 63% across all transactions.

The relevance of the Home Loans is growing in the property market as often we have seen that the property prices of the property which a home buyer has liked is often higher than the envisaged budget.

The Home Loan industry has grown the fastest in comparison with any other related industry in the real estate sector.

In fact, as a Realtor, we can only recommend that, you must take a Home Loan even for a small amount as when a Bank is involved in a transaction, your legal part of the transaction is very much covered by the Bank, be it a resale property or an under construction home.

Property laws and documents deficiencies are difficult to comprehend on Day 1 of the transaction and of course the Golden Hand Shake at the time of transaction does initiate a transaction, but end of the day the property documentation does a Topic. Luckily, Banks do not work with Sentiments or Short Cuts they will only confirm a loan, when the property is absolute clear title.

The Home Loans are of sorts today, like Smart Home from HSBC and a similar product offers you the facility like an Over draft, where you pay interest for the amount utilized. Loan Against Property, Top Up Loans for Interiors etc.

Our Sincere advise to any Home Buyer would be to please get your self a Pre-Approval done. This does not mean disbursement, this is merely a confirmation that YES, you are entitled to get the Loan of an X amount and you are clear about your EMI (Easy Monthly Installment) which you will have to pay. This gives you clarity on your liquidity and monthly flow and without having the need to speculate.

We have signed up with the TOP Banks in the Country today to provide a seamless Home Loan – Property Buying tagging so that you don’t have to really get stressed doing a lot of paper work at the eighth hour in your property transaction.

For further information or if you like us to send a Home Loan Representative, please give us a call on 0091 9820030685. On several cases, depending on the value of your property we can arrange an absolutely enticing offer.