Legal Documentation, Legal Compliances, Legal Paper work, Drafting Leave and License Agreements, Lease Deeds, Sale Deeds

Legal Documentation, Selling or Leasing a Property in Mumbai

Being a Real Estate Consulting Firm, we have to our advantage “Experience” and “Expertise” which they don’t teach in any school or college. Legal matters in regards to real estate are often complex but one needs to understand the entire legalities and then dwell on the topic and apply.

We have been enriched dealing with the Top Law and Tax Firms of India today in all aspects of Residential, Commercial buying and leasing in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai

Our Experience and expertise in the real estate transactions has sharpened our negotiation skills over the years. This has benefited both ourselves and our clients in transacting with the Top MNC’s of the World in saving both time, effort and money.

Our expertise remains dominant in the domain of transactions relating to:

  • Relocation of Expatriates to Mumbai

  • Corporate Relocation and New office Search

  • Residential Leasing for both Individual and Corporates

  • Company Leasing

We have been able to successfully work with large corporates, understanding their processes, procedures and advising them on other aspects of transacting.

Our core expertise remains in Legal Documentation like drafting a POA, Leave and License Agreement, Agreement for Sale, MOU, Stamp Duty and Registration and Capital Gains

  • Leave and License Agreements (Corporate and Individual Lease for both Commercial and Residential properties)

  • MOU for Sale of Properties (Commercial and Residential)

  • Agreement for Sale (Commercial and Residential)

  • POA for Buying, Selling and Leasing a Property

For your needs and requirements, we can always recommend you the Top Law Firms or Tax Consultants in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Our choice of Top Lawyers or Consultants go on the merits of the works they have done in the particular arena of a Transaction, like you need a good NRI Expert Lawyer who understands the Income Tax Capital Gain laws well along with the Repatriation angle etc.

If you have any legal query, you can put the same below and we will reply back in with in reasonable time.