Energy Conservation & Energy Saving = Lower Electrical Bills


Energy conservation and the reduction of one’s carbon footprint is a necessity to all with with the effects of Global Warming looming around the corner. Also as buildings are a main source of energy consumption. Conservation starts from the home and is also a good way to ensure Lower Electrical Bills.

The problem with buildings today is that they are guzzlers of electricity and no effort is being made to tap into renewable energy sources in most major cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. Which is why there is an urgent need to remain conscious of this fact and begin making use of advanced building technologies. Even projects as simple as Solar Panels can help increase Energy Conservation and Lower Electric bills.

From your home you can easily make these simple decisions and ensure savings on your electrical bills.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Star rating systems are a measure of energy efficiency in general home appliances. For example, If we’re talking about an Air-Conditioner. 3-Star and 5-Star Energy appliances improve Energy Conservation which lowers Electrical Bills. These appliances do so by producing the same effect by utilizing a lesser amount of energy.

In monetary terms, let’s say that in comparison between the two a 3-star AC would hand you a bill of 800 Rps while a 5-star AC would appropriate a bill of 720 Rps. Therefore in terms of ownership the cost of a 5-Star AC is better than that of a 3-Star.

Replacing conventional light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs can also help reduce the cost in the long run as they are longer lasting.

Do’s And Don’ts For Energy Saving At Home

  • Opt for BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) labeled Eco Star Products.
  • Clean your air filters regularly.
  • Run the washer in washing machine only at full loads.
  • Switch of appliances when not in use.
  • Insulating your walls and ceilings reduces heat gain when the AC is turned off.
  • Reduce water heating expenses when they are not needed.

Energy savings is achievable at ones own convenience. This will save on Energy and therefore lower your electric bills.


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