Investing for Renting or Buying for Self Use in Future

Investing for Renting or Buying for Self Use in Future
Investing for Renting or Buying for Self Use in Future

Investing for Renting or Buying for Self Use in Future

If you are investing in a Home or Commercial Property you need to understand your need first. You would surely like to invest, but because the investment property which is giving higher returns may be at a long distance away from your place, for example if you are in South Mumbai or Bandra West, and the property offered for investment is in Thane, Powai, Goregaon or Andheri East., you are shying away. This is a scenario faced by each investor or individual and confusion when we are mixing the 2 Investment and Self Use. You can either use the apartment/office for self use or invest.

Investment will give you 3 to 6% yield, self use will give you the pleasure of occupying the asset.

From a long term perspective real estate has produced many of the world’s wealthiest people, so there are plenty of reasons to think that it is a sound investment. The decision is completely yours.

Some Tips to make your decision easier:

1. Invest with your own money, with as little as Bank Loan as the first few years you have higher interest component.

2. Stay on rent if you can’t afford to buy a house immediately with your own money.

3. Current real estate prices in Mumbai have peaked and have Limited room for growth so rather put your capital at work in financial markets.

4. If you are to really buy a house, then choose a location 2 – 5 km north of where you want so that you get the right apartment in a fancy complex – Example if your budget is 3 Cr for Bandra West and you will get horrible buildings, then you are better off moving to Wadala, Andheri West, Andheri East or Santacruz East in any newer complex which will give you the ease and which you can enjoy and live with happiness. Happiness quotient is extremely important in your investment so don’t ignore your happiness.

5. Take advise from professionals and not go by all advisors, collate all information and then take an informed decision. Real Estate investments require good capital and to enter and exit real estate market it costs lot of money in paying incidental expenses like Stamp Duty, Registration, Transfer Fees, Service Fees, GST and other Capital Gains taxes etc.

What ever you Buy make sure you Buy Quality and that will last for a longer time. New generation does not want to live in smaller dingy apartments.

With Metro coming across by 2025 in entire Mumbai city and suburbs, do explore your connectivity to office, school, College and other places where you need to go regularly.

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