Lease and Lease

Lease and Lease
Lease and Lease

Lease and Lease

Often, we are facing the dilemma of an upgrade from a smaller apartment to a larger apartment in the same or a different location.

The constraints and the stress being of selling your own property and finding a new home with all parameters intact.

This does not happen very easily, it needs the expertise to get the timing right, payments from your buyer need to be on time etc..apart from a lot of transaction related steps to be matched.

We have been fortunate to witness a few transactions in the recent past and without being in any kind of stress the families have been upgraded to a larger apartment with a margin of paying around Rs.20000 in their rents and the incidental expenses of stamp duty, realtor fees etc.

So, if you are looking to upgrade and due to various reasons, you can’t get to do a back to back deal.

You look out for leasing your apartment and lease another one for yourself. This gives you enough time to then work on selling yours and buying another one since the immediate moving pressure for a new home is rested. You can plan things more easily without having to stress.

If you need any more help on leasing the please feel free to call me.

Sandeep Sadh – 9820030685


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