Mumbai should have world class infrastructure

Mumbai must have world class infrastructure and it’s Metro Project and Coastal Road Projects will make it happen

Mumbai the city of dreams and the financial capital of India and the most sought after city in West Asia must have international quality infrastructure.

The upcoming Metro connectivity which is likely to be all finished by 2022 through 2025 will give the city the much needed connectivity in comfort and at affordable prices.

For any city to grow and manage the incoming population the growth of suburbs is a must and if connectivity between the city and suburbs is made it gives a good balance of density of people living in per square kilometres, the pressure on supplies and if the pressure on the city is less the city is more desirable to everyone and it also encourages tourism.

Real estate prices across the city also get aligned and the traction is also built. One bridge across Bandra Worli sea link reduced the distance from Bandra to Worli to 5 min from the conventional 45 min.

Dubai is a classic example of how the Government started building infrastructure first and people started flicking there from all parts of the world.


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