Sea Facing Flats in Mumbai


Sea Facing Flats in Mumbai

Almost all Mumbaikars dream of having that perfect sea facing flat in Mumbai, but it remains only a dream for most due to the premium cost attached to it.

Also many buyers are not able to find that perfect sea facing flat due to the limited supply as most of the sea facing flats are in old well settled buildings on the coastline of Mumbai. Due to CRZ rules, there is no new construction allowed with in 500 Meters of Coast Line. This rule constraints the supply on the sea front side. Mumbai

A sea-facing apartment in Mumbai is considered a trophy asset, be it in Juhu, Colaba, Cuffe Parade, Nepeansea Road, Breach Candy, Worli, Prabhadevi, Worli, Bandra, Juhu or even Versova.

Simply put, a house is just a house until it is on top overlooking the sea. Then you have landed yourself a gold mine. A sea facing apartment at Bandstand, Worli and Malabar Hill is a status symbol. It is a sign that you have arrived, akin to owning a Delhi property that overlooks the golf course.

One should be aware of the pros and cons whilst purchasing or leasing a seaf facing as well as what to expect after you move in.

The pros are ofcourse having easy access to the sea front in some cases unless you are enjoying a distant higher flloor sea view flat.

Most people enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean and sunsets, listening to the sound of the seas, enjoying the sea and bird life, and having a general feeling of relaxation many claim they experience by beach-front living and gazing at the water.

You can also expect more wind from the ocean, and during the monsoons in Mumbai, the winds can be significant. There is also more moisture, being on the sea front, which can create issues both inside and out, especially to exterior wood and electronics in the apartment. People who are not used to staying on the sea front also need to adjust to their food storing habits as a lot of food grains etc get soggy during the monsoons, if not attended well.

Bandstand, Carter Road, Juhu Tara Road, Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face, Versova Sea Face, Cuffe Parade are one of the most expensive sea facing locations in Mumbai.