Why do Higher floor flats get sold early or towards the end??

Higher Floor Apartments in Mumbai

You may have noticed a lot many time’s that the higher floor flats of a lot of buildings may be still available even if the building started construction a good 5 to 7 years back.

Multiple reasons are behind this :

Higher floor rise charged so the price becomes unattractive to buyer and does not become a value deal.

Developer not getting permission for height due to airport authority or any other FSI issue

Sizes of apartments sometimes on higher floor in Mumbai means that either it’s a large floor area, apartment with terraces which are charged extra or they are pent houses or duplex or triplex apartments which are only bought by High Networth Individuals.

Lot of people don’t prefer to stay on top or higher floors due to the fact they have vertigo issue or generally afraid of heights and other safety issues.

Higher floors are generally liked by the Rich and Famous and a lot of celebrities who make good amount of money prefer to be in these top floors.

Biggest benefit of higher floors is that they are less dusty and polluted, lesser noise during the day, awesome views of City and SEA AND ever changing views due to Rain, Spring or winters or sun set over the sea with its hue of orange etc.


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