Why never rent without a Property Agent in Mumbai


Finding a home or office for Sale or Lease now a days in a City like Mumbai has become a difficult task.

With the hectic lifestyle shuffling between work and creating some time to concentrate on your self, finding or allocating time to go on the hunt to look for a flat or office gets a bit unpractical.

That’s where Real Estate Consultants, Agents commonly refereed to as Property Brokers come into the play

Yes acquiring the services of a Broker is a bit of an over head cost considering the basic fees of a consultant would be:

  • A whole months rent on a rental leave and lease deal
  • 1% of the transaction value in terms of an Outright sale.

These are basic prices followed in the industry however there are Consultants in the Market who have a different scheme of charges

Why Never Rent without a Property Agent

  • Your area Specialist Realtors would have a clear understanding of the Supply of flats, offices etc.. in the micro market of your search thus employing the services would ensure a single area specialist agent could show you all availability matching your requirement
  • With the current fluctuations in the market conditions and instability in both the Rental and the Sale property rates hiring a Real Estate Consultant would help insure you are appropriately valuing the real estate
  • Having a broker on your side of the negotiation helps improve the chances of securing a better bargain during finalizing terms
  • The legal documentation like the drafting of the Leave and Lease Renal Agreement in terms of a rental and a Agreement of Sale in terms of an Outright closure is a very critical aspect to avoid future disagreements or conflicts having a professional work the documents would be first of all less time consuming and more airtight to both the tenant and the owner
  • Most property consultants do provide help and over head services at a minimal cost like Furnishing, Packing and Moving, Deep cleaning to insure your relocation procedure is carried out as smooth as possible


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