Work From Home – Hybrid office in Mumbai

Commercial office spaces
Commercial office spaces

In the beginning there was Home and there was office.

Come 2020, companies tasted that with Information and Technology things have changed and now you don’t need to really be coming to work and sit on computer systems and spend the day and go home.

Google as of now seems to have got the formula to an extent right. What they are saying is that 20% of the team due to their critical role will be present in offices throughout and another 20% perhaps who are only hard core back end and junior or coders can be reporting from home.

The balance 60% is hybrid which is good as it all depends on your business needs. If you need to be out all day or you need to come to the office for a day or two you come and go as you please.

The question is how many companies will be able to create a healthy ratio of Static, Hybrid, Dynamic or compulsory roles.

It’s clearly understood that companies will save an immense amount of money on infrastructure, real estate and incidental expenses.

I have been home in 2020 and 2021 and I can only share that my mind is still stuck at Mid March 2020 when the lock down started.

Yes, there was zeal and excitement to work and finish as much as you can in the lock down days which were pending for weeks or months etc.

But I can only share the office. Staying at home can make you a little dull and the ideas may get restricted which you come out with because you are either staring at walls while speaking to clients or colleagues or you are staring at the computer screen with all the hotch potch in the house and needless to add your wife or mom or sister saying in background lunch is ready come fast as it will get cold.

So I feel the next 1 year May be a little slow to go back to work but once the vaccination and after effects after 1 year come out then we will get a clear picture as to how sustainable either work from home is, till then enjoy 3 or 4 square meals piping hot in your plate.


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