FAQ's about real estate in Mumbai
How does Real Estate Mumbai Work?
Do you represent Owners and Property Buyers or both?
What are the Charges for Transaction?
What are your services?
What is the Legal Process of Buying a Home?
I have found a buyer, but I don’t know documentation, will you help?
What are the Incidental Expenses of Buying a New Home?
What is the list of Requirement for a Home Loan?
What is the List of requirement to comply for taking a property on Leave and License basis?
I want to give my flat on Lease to an Individual? How safe it is?
What is the escalation in must put on my Leave and License agreement each year?
Who pays the maintenance and property taxes, if I want to give my property on Lease?
What is the minimum and maximum number of period I can sign up a Leave and License agreement for?
What is the Stamp Duty payable for Leasing a Property?
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