Real Estate Mumbai Legal Services

We have experience with all kind of legal requirements

Majorly we are involved with 2 Kinds of Transactions, Leasing or Buying and Selling.

We have experience in both the segments and we help the Individuals, NRI, Companies, Individuals with all kind of legal requirements.

Sometimes, we do take external legal help, if the transaction and paper work is complicated and if you so desire to hire the services of a lawyer.

Over the years, we have made good relationships with Top Lawyers & Chartered Accountants in Mumbai who deal in the real estate side of the law and income tax etc, which is most important. If need be we surely take their advise based on your preferences to engage them.

We do undertake a lot of legal work in a transaction for our clients with the help of their legal teams in office or the Owners/Buyers/Lessors lawyers etc. and ensure that your interests are protected at all times and also help you save as much cost and add value from our side in the transaction.