Commerz II - The New Leed Platinum Building in Goregaon East by Oberoi Realty

Commerz II - The New Leed Platinum Building in Goregaon East by Oberoi Realty is Setting New Standards in Sustainable Commercial Real Estate.

Oberoi Realty, one of India's largest real estate listed developers, has achieved a significant milestone with its commercial project, COMMERZ II. The project has been awarded the LEED Platinum accreditation for Operations and Maintenance, a testament to Oberoi Realty's commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible development practices. This article explores the exceptional features and benefits of Commerz II, showcasing how it sets a new standard for commercial buildings in terms of ecological consciousness and modern design.

Commerz II stands tall as a 30-storey building, embodying a contemporary and sophisticated design. Notably, it has received the prestigious LEED Platinum certification from Green Building Certification Inc. (GBCI), affirming its status as a pioneer in the industry. This recognition highlights Commerz II's successful adherence to the highest standards of sustainability in building design, construction, and operation.

Featuring a modern façade, Commerz II boasts a state-of-the-art double-glazed glass facade system. This design not only enhances the building's aesthetic appeal but also maximizes natural light penetration, contributing to energy efficiency. The panoramic views of the beautiful Aarey environs add to the overall allure of the tower.

Commerz II prioritizes the well-being and safety of its occupants. The structure is centrally air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable environment throughout the building. In terms of security, the project incorporates a comprehensive system with turnstile access control, metal detectors, and baggage scanners. The controlled access system and ample parking space on the basement and podium floors provide convenience and peace of mind.

Pankaj Gupta, CEO - Commercial Real Estate (CRE), Oberoi Realty Ltd, expressed his pride in achieving the LEED Platinum certification for COMMERZ II. He emphasized the company's commitment to sustainability and creating workplaces that are environmentally responsible and beneficial to occupants. Oberoi Realty aims to redefine industry standards by showcasing that commercial projects can be economically viable while prioritizing ecological principles.

Oberoi Realty is renowned for its unwavering dedication to excellence in design, construction, and finishing. Each project reflects meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, ensuring the highest quality standards. Strategic location selection guarantees accessibility and value appreciation for both residents and businesses. The company's commitment to architectural integrity and sustainability is evident in every structure it develops.

With the LEED Platinum accreditation, Commerz II from Oberoi Realty sets a remarkable precedent for sustainable commercial real estate. Its modern design, energy-efficient features, and commitment to ecological responsibility position it as a beacon of excellence in the industry. Oberoi Realty's unwavering focus on quality, transparency, timely delivery, and customer-centric approach has established the company as a market leader in luxury real estate.

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