Kotak Bank launches Home Loan Starting 6.5%

Kotak bank launched very low home loan rate Offer Valid till 8 November 2021 to encash on the festive season in India. The benchmarking for eligibility now is your CIBIL Score or your Credit Score, the better the Score the lower the interest rate. Its a good opportunity for Salaried employees who are currently residing on rent and they may want to consider this as the delta between lease rent and home loan is now 4%. So with incremental 4% odd interest can translate into an asset creation. Mumbai Corporate leasing, Premium Properties in Mumbai are in vogue today and one can surely look at understanding the differential value and opting for a home loan at these competitive rates.

Cibil Greater than 800

Salaried - 6.50%

Cibil 751-800

Salaried - 6.60%

Cibil 700-750

Salaried - 6.80%
Cibil below 700

Salaried - 7.10%

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