Moving to Mumbai

A guide to moving alone/single or with Family to Mumbai

Moving alone/single or with Family to Mumbai?

It’s important for you to determine your family needs and your personal preferences while choosing a flat in Mumbai. Moving to Mumbai is as easy as it can be and as tough due to various family needs and requirements. In Relocation, we certainly would you like to give your attention to the family needs and their location of School, Markets etc. so that they are comfortable.

We fondly say, that the Golden Rules of Relocation are:

Kid’s "First", Wife "Second" and Husband "Third" in terms of priority in general.

Mumbai as a city has huge traffic issues and till 2022 we have ongoing Metro Under Ground and Over Ground work going and couple this with 4 months of monsoons, we surely advise that try and be close to either your kids school or your office if you are single.

What kind of flat you want in Mumbai?

Whenever we move to a New Flat or a New Apartment, we have some kind of wish list or aspirations based on the family needs or your individual requirements and budgets of course. Some of you may prefer a sea facing apartment or a terrace apartment in Mumbai or a spacious apartment at least larger or better than where you were earlier. Mumbai being a city on the coastline has a lot of apartments with some character or the other. One can surely explore their wish list as Mumbai offers both Luxury Flats and affordable housing. Each location/neighborhood in Mumbai have different types of flats available at different prices or rent in Mumbai, for an example a 2 BHK in Bandra West could start from Rs.55000 Rent per month in a very old building with no elevator to high end luxury new building of Rs.300,000/- Per month which may be a top of the line sea facing 2 BHK with a terrace etc. in Bandstand, Carter Road or a Pali Hill, which are the most premium locations of Bandra West.

When are you moving to Mumbai?

Once you decide to be in Mumbai and you have down one round of look and feel trip and understood which micro market in Mumbai you would like to reside after deep understanding, then you need to be sure of your dates, please keep in mind to keep a contingency plan ready when you are leasing a flat in Mumbai as sometimes due to various reasons, which up come during the course transaction, you may get delayed by a few days. Although we at Real Estate Mumbai, do our best to stick to the dates, but some times you need to keep a few days buffer so there is no stress to any one.

  • If you are moving from a pre-leased house, do look up your lock in period and notice period and final date.
  • When does your kids school start – American School of Bombay/Oberoi International School etc. You can find the same and be sure before you take that step.
  • Is your family moving in with you from another city or overseas and when are they moving in finally etc.
  • Or when is your shipment arriving if you have chosen for a Sea Freight.

Where do you want to live in Mumbai?

Mumbai offers different locations, where you can relocate based on what your needs are :

South Mumbai Central Mumbai Eastern Suburbs
Western Suburbs Powai Navi Mumbai

If we divide Mumbai into these 6 Zones, you need to know where you need to fit in. This could be based on your office location, school location, or any other preference you may have.

But broadly, do keep in mind, that if you are looking to relocate to Mumbai, you must brace yourself for at least 30 to 60 min as travel time each way.

Most of the Senior Executives, Expatriates usually like to leave early to beat the traffic so they don’t spend that extra time in vain.

What should be my budget for renting a home in Mumbai?

This is decided based on your monthly salary or your company giving you allowance when you move into the city of Mumbai. Once you are clear with this, we can help you with the options in various locations where you can find a Home in Mumbai.

Or if you don’t know the prices in a location, we are happy to discuss with you on call and based on your preferences we can recommend you the best options.

For more detailed understanding of the Rates – Check out Mumbai Lease Rental Rates.

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